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Kojic Acid 10% Cream (Skin Lightening Cream)

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Product Details

Kojic Acid 10% Cream (Perfect Result)
Cream Contains Kojic acid10% in cream base. For All Types of Skin. Color: White
1 TubeWeight: 70gm

Price 1 Tube: $25
$25 Shipping Cost
NOTE: MONEY BACK IF NO RESULTS. Best Skin Lightening Cream

Product Information

How to use Benoquin

To Get Noticeable Results Buy Sufficient Quanity(minimum 4Tubes)of Benoquin 20% Cream (High Quality). 1 Tubes is not a sufficient quantity to get result as its only for Laboratory test to check purity.

Benoquin 20% Cream High Quality is only available at and Other websites are selling only Benoquin 20% Cream Low Quality at the price of High Quality.

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